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Welcome to the AARP BankSafe Course!

The AARP BankSafe financial exploitation prevention training was formed with input from over 2,000+ financial industry professionals. Designed with frontline staff in mind, the training is a modern, fun and interactive online educational platform.

Registering your organization and setting up your employees is easy. This short video will walk you through the registration process so you’ll know what to expect.

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  • The BankSafe Platform

    The BankSafe training is a secure, online platform currently available at no cost to banks, credit unions, and investment firms located within the United States.

    While the core curriculum, training features and registration process are consistent across both versions, the platform has a separate training for banks, credit unions, and investment firms. Each training has been tailored to use terminology and scenarios that are applicable to each type of organization.

  • The Training Experience for Employees

    Five modules take employees through interactive scenarios, games, videos and quizzes to gain a greater understanding of how to prevent financial exploitation and improve skills and confidence to interact with customers, members, or clients. Modules include:

    1. Understanding Exploitation
    2. Recognize the Red Flags
    3. Stand Up and Speak Out
    4. Reporting and Activating a Network of Support
    5. Next Steps

    Each of your employees will have an individual training account. This allows them to take the training at their own pace. They can take the training all at once or over multiple sessions, so employees can easily fit the training activities into busy schedules. In total, the training should take about 60-minutes to complete.

    Your employees can also track their progress to see how it compares to that of their peers. Those employees who pass the training will receive an official AARP BankSafe certificate to display.

    Your employees will also have access to a library of tip sheets, videos, resources and guides, including state-specific reporting requirements, resource agencies and more.

  • The Training Experience for Managers and Supervisors

    You, or someone in your financial institution, will act as the administrator of the training. As an administrator, you can securely monitor employees’ progress, track performance, add or remove employees from the training and control additional administrative privileges of managers and supervisors.

    Many financial institutions use BankSafe’s detailed reporting tools to tailor targeted follow-up trainings or education sessions on specific skills or issues with which employees are struggling. Reports may also be downloaded and printed for use in coordination with regulators.

    Administrators have access to the full training and resources included in the training. In addition to the employee resources, the BankSafe training includes a series of branch, service center or institutional level tip sheets, check-lists and templates.

  • Apply for Verification from AARP

    As part of the BankSafe program, financial institutions can apply to have AARP verify that at least 80% of their frontline staff successfully passed the BankSafe training and confirm that they have a financial-exploitation escalation or reporting policy. Qualifying banks and credit unions can apply to receive a seal from AARP, good for one-year, recognizing their commitment to fighting exploitation.

  • What You’ll Need to Register

    There are two steps to register for the AARP BankSafe training:

    1. Complete the secure sign up form at the bottom of this page. AARP will review the information to approve your organization. Upon approval, you will receive a confirmation email.

    2. Choose between two options to create accounts for your users:

      • Basic Monitoring and Reporting: You’ll send a link to your employees so they can create their accounts. This approach will allow you and your managers to access the training’s reporting tools on an organization-wide basis.
      • Detailed Monitoring and Reporting: You’ll upload email addresses for your employees and they will receive an email from BankSafe to activate their account. This approach will allow you and your managers to access the training’s reporting tools on a more detailed, branch or service center basis, in addition to an organization-wide one.

    BankSafe is designed to not require any coordination with your IT team. In the event that your IT team would like to review the technical specifications for the training, they can do so here.

    Fill out the sign up form on the bottom of this page to get started.

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